Multifamily Brokerage with a Principals Perspective

Since 1993, the principals of The Jones Group have closed 278 transactions totaling over $511,875,000. Along with our brokerage successes, we have owned or developed over 20 commercial assets including 1,657 units (3,536 student housing beds) totaling over $200,000,000. As principals of The Jones Group, Jones Group Development, LLC, and Urban Home Development Corporation, we have a unique skill set and prospective no other broker can provide. Through our development and ownership experience, we have come to understand the importance of property specific market intelligence to identify emerging trends to make intelligent and timely investment decisions. We also know the importance of a skilled contract negotiator, deal structure, escrow management, and problem solving.

Leveraging our vast brokerage successes and our knowledge and experience as principals, developers, and brokers, we are able to provide our clients the very best advisory and brokerage services with our unmatched knowledge and expertise in all aspects of the ownership and transaction process. (The Jones Group’s ownership is for development purposes only. We do not compete with clients and do not, or will not own apartment properties in the Phoenix market)